Big Brother Naija Final Voting (Week 10) Online Voting & Results

Keep up with the latest Big Brother Naija 2023 Week 10 voting poll results and follow your favorite housemates as they try to win the 120 million naira big prize.

BBNaija 2023 Top 6 Finalists

These are the finalists of the Big Brother Naija 2023 season 8 All Stars show;

  1. Adekunle
  2. Ceec
  3. Cross
  4. Ilebaye
  5. Mercy Eke
  6. Pere

BBNaija 2023 Week 10 Final Vote Poll

Big Brother Naija 2023 Week 10 keeps getting more and more exciting as fans anxiously wait for the latest vote poll results. These results are the key to figuring out how well their favorite housemates are doing in the tough race for the 120 million naira grand prize. For fans of this season’s All Stars, it’s very important to know what’s going on as this exciting showdown begins.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the fierce battle in the Big Brother Naija house, where alliances are tested, strategies are key, and the quest for victory hits its peak. Don’t miss a second of this exciting journey as the contestants get closer and closer to the final victory and fame!

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The top six finalists in BBNaija 2023

Meet the top 6 finalists of Big Brother Naija 2023 Season 8 All Stars. They are all very impressive. Adekunle, Ceec, Cross, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, and Pere are all amazing people who have proven their worth and are now on the verge of greatness.

As they fight for the ultimate title, fans and viewers are getting more and more excited and interested. The big finale is set for October 1, and it looks like it will be a showdown to remember. One of these amazing housemates will win, and their name will go down in Big Brother Naija history.

Big Brother Naija All-Stars Week 10 Nomination, Season 8

Week 10 of Big Brother Naija Season 8 All-Stars is a lot of fun, and the big end is set for October 1. As the fates of the top 6 finalists hang in the balance, there is a lot of tension in the air. It’s an exciting fight between All Stars, and now is the time to speak up.

Vote for your favorite housemate and rally behind them as their final victory in the Big Brother house gets closer. The stakes have never been higher, and the situation is getting worse and worse. Don’t miss the end of this amazing season, when the contestants try to win the prestigious title. Join the action, cheer for your favorite, and be a part of Big Brother Naija history!

Season 8 of Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija Season 8, also known as “Big Brother Naija: All Stars,” is a highly anticipated Nigerian reality TV show that started on July 23, 2023. It has caught the attention of fans who watch it on GOtv channel 29 and DStv channel 198.

The show is still led by the charismatic Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who is now in his seventh season in this role. This special All Stars edition brings together some of the most popular housemates from past seasons, such as “See Gobbe,” “Double Wahala,” “Pepper Dem,” “Lockdown,” “Shine Ya Eye,” and “Level Up.”

Where can I watch Big Brother Naija?
“Big Brother Naija” can be seen on Showmax. With MoniePoint as the main sponsor and HFM Nigeria as an additional sponsor, the big prize for this season is a tempting 120 million.

Big Brother Naija’s weekly evictions keep fans glued to their screens as they get caught up in the drama, alliances, and plots going on inside the house.

How to Vote for Big Brother Naija?

How to Get to the Voting Page: Visit the main website or voting platform for Big Brother Naija, where voting takes place. Most of the time, the show’s organizers or a chosen voting partner will set up this platform.

Scroll Down to Find the Vote Chart: Once you’re on the voting page, scroll down to find the “vote chart.” Here, you can see the names or pictures of the housemates who have been nominated.
Pick the person you like best: Carefully look over the list of housemates who have been named and choose your favorite. Click on the name or picture of the roommate you want to choose them. If you do this, it means that you are voting for that particular candidate.

Click on the “Vote” button: After you pick your best housemate, you’ll usually see a “vote icon” or a button that looks like it below the vote chart. Click this icon to confirm your choice for the chosen housemate.

Vote more than once: If you want to vote for the same housemate more than once, look for the “VOTE AGAIN” icon or button, which is usually near the vote chart or next to the name of the person you want to vote for. Clicking “VOTE AGAIN” lets you vote for the same contestant more than once, which increases their chances of winning.

Check the Poll Results: Scroll down to the vote chart again to see the current poll results and see how the voting is going. Look for the “results” button or link and click on it. This will show the latest vote numbers and where the housemates stand.

By doing these things, you can directly take part in the Big Brother Naija voting process and help your favorite housemate get to the top.